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Keep Our Schools Strong

Vote in favor of the

March 19 Bond Referendum


Whether you’ve called this vibrant town home for 3 years or 30, you can't deny the incredible transformation happening around us. The Fort Mill area is booming with growth, and our beloved school system has been a pillar in adapting to these changes.

The explosive growth has been exciting, but we must equip our schools with the tools they need to keep up with the pace. 

Vote YES for the Fort Mill School Bond Referendum on March 19!



Fort Mill School District is consistently ranked at the top of all educational indicators in the state and ranks in the top 2% of districts nationwide. 


Our community is reaching new heights, and with that comes the responsibility to plan for the future. ​Over the past dozen years, we've seen Fort Mill flourish, nearly tripling in population. While our school system has done a great job absorbing these changes, we need the properly support the school district to keep up with the pace of growth and continue to thrive as one of the fastest-growing towns in the Palmetto State!  

Why A Bond Referendum?

According to South Carolina law, school districts must get voter approval to issue debt to build new schools or enhance facilities. This process occurs through what we know as a bond referendum. 


Providing our school system with the necessary resources ensures long-term sustainable growth.


Where Do I Vote?

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