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We are private citizens who, like many others in the community, are concerned about the growth in Fort Mill and its impact on our schools. We are not formally affiliated with any other organization and have raised funds to support our efforts from local individuals and businesses who value public education in Fort Mill.

We are not privy to any information that is not available to the public. We have attended board meetings, board committee meetings, and met with district officials to learn extensively about the background of the bond referendum.

District employees are prohibited by state law from publicly advocating for the referendum, but as concerned and involved citizens, we are not.

We are committed to be transparent and open about the positives and negatives of the referendum, and we strongly believe voting yes on March 19 is in the best interest of our school district, taxpayers, and, most importantly, students.

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John Gordon


Jan Martin


Travis Mayo

If you would like to have us speak to your group or organization, please reach us at for details.


We can not speak on behalf of any of the following individuals or groups, if you have a concern that they would need to address we are happy to refer you to the appropriate person.

Guidance Counselor




 Government Employees 


State Lawmaker 


 Tax Assessor 

 Tega Cay City Council 

Fort Mill School Board 


 Fort Mill Town Council

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